10 Best Beaches in Goa for Honeymoon

Leaving on a heartfelt excursion as love birds, Goa’s unblemished shoreline offers a variety of pure settings for a marvelous special night. With its sun-kissed shores, turquoise waters, and a mix of tranquil disconnection and lively feel, Goa’s sea shores give the ideal background to making treasured recollections with your cherished. Whether you look for calm snapshots of harmony or exciting undertakings by the ocean, Goa’s sea shores take care of each and every honeymooner’s longings. In this rundown, we present the 10 best sea shores in Goa that guarantee a remarkable and charming special first night experience.

10 Best Beaches in Goa for Honeymoon

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Introduction: 10 Best Beaches in Goa for Honeymoon

A dazzling mix of sun, sand, culture, and sentiment, Goa is a captivating objective that entices honeymooners to leave on an excursion of adoration and revelation. With its ideal sea shores, dynamic culture, and exhibit of encounters, Goa offers the ideal setting for an extraordinary vacation.

Romantic Beaches: Goa’s sea shores are tailor-made for couples looking for a close and heartfelt departure. From the quiet shores of Palolem to the dazzling vistas of Vagator, each ocean side oozes its own appeal. Whether you’re relaxing on the sands connected at the hip, enjoying beachside candlelit meals, or sharing a heartfelt stroll during nightfall, the sea shores of Goa give a marvelous scenery.

Sunset Magic: The dusks in Goa are unbelievable. Envision remaining with your cherished one, looking as the sun plunges into the Bedouin Ocean, painting the sky with tints of orange, pink, and gold. The view from different sea shores, bluffs, and perspectives, like Chapora Post, makes a mysterious encounter that is tailor-made for couples.

Beachfront Luxury: Goa offers a plenty of extravagance resorts and shop inns that take special care of honeymooners’ cravings for spoiling and separation. Large numbers of these facilities brag confidential ocean side access, luxurious spa medicines, and personal settings that set up for a really essential vacation.

Introduction: 10 Best Beaches in Goa for Honeymoon

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1. Anjuna Beach: North Goa, India

Arranged on the west shoreline of Goa by the Middle Eastern Ocean, Anjuna Ocean side is perhaps of the best ocean side in Goa. The radicals were the principal individuals to come here during the 1950s and from that point forward Anjuna Ocean side is an area of interest in Goa for neighborhood and global vacationers. Anjuna Ocean side develops on you as you go for a walk along the shining white sands and partake in seeing tenderly influencing palms before you.

Anjuna Beach

Anjuna Beach Overview:

India’s West Coast heaven, Goa, is home to a few great sea shores of India. One of them is known as the Anjuna Ocean side. From a peaceful family excursion to an undertaking filled end of the week with your crew, the ocean side takes special care of individuals with various travel tastes and spending plans. Popular for its Goan impacts, in vogue clubs, beachside lodgings and resorts, Anjuna ocean side is a charming heaven inside Goa.

Extended over the brilliant shoreline, the southern and northern finish of Anjuna ocean side offers a plenty of exercises. While the southern end comprises of a rough headland, the northern end have water sports like bungee bouncing, uneven banana ride, and considerably more. Anjuna ocean side is Goa’s nearby “multi-layered diversion center point”.

Anjuna ocean side furnishes you with a portion of the staggering landscape and visual view during dawn and nightfall. The blend of the white sand and the sparkling blue ocean make a magnificent view. Likewise, you might not have any desire to miss the primary fascination of the ocean side, the swap meet. It enraptures an enormous number of travelers to swarm this spot each Wednesday. You’ll get an amazing arrangement assuming that you’re a specialist in bartering.

Anjuna Beach Highlights:

  • Get your moving shoes on and furrow toward the west side music with the amazing night parties.
  • Witness the rich enduring past of the flower child culture at the ocean side and set yourself free at one of the most famous dance club at Goa, Paradiso.
  • Permit yourself a flavorful lunch at the well known Curlies café on shore.
  • In the event that you’re at the ocean side on a Wednesday, count yourself fortunate to shop at the swap meet held during those hours.
  • On the off chance that you desire for an undertaking, do partake in a portion of the numerous watersports like Banana ride, Stream skiing, Parasailing and so on.
  • Visit the Chapora Post to get a superior perspective near the ocean along with investigate the stronghold’s mind blowing history.
  • Have an opportunity to observe the all encompassing perspective from one of the many enamoring galleries at the Mascarenhas House.
Anjuna Beach

How To Reach Anjuna Beach:

The most effective method to arrive at Anjuna Ocean side from Panaji – You can arrive at Anjuna Ocean side by taking a nearby transport from Panjim KTC Transport Stand to Mapusa. Take a transport from Panaji to Mapusa, and afterward one more transport from Mapusa to Anjuna. As the distance between Anjuna Ocean side and Panaji is just about 18 km, it’ll require 40-45 minutes during voyaging.

The most effective method to arrive at Anjuna Ocean side from Goa Worldwide Air terminal – You can either take a prepaid taxi from the air terminal or a neighborhood transport. To go by transport then, at that point, stroll to the transport stand and take a transport till Panaji. Once more, a similar course follows, one more transport from Mapusa to Anjuna ocean side. The ride is advantageous and reasonable.

Best Time To Visit Anjuna Beach:

The ideal opportunity to visit Anjuna Ocean side is in winters which as a rule start from November to Spring. Goa’s weather conditions is very windy and charming during this time. However, you should keep an additional woolen with you. The temperature ranges between 21 C to 33 C. The summers would be warm and not a great time for get-aways.

Additionally, travelers ought to be cautious if visiting during the storm, i.e., from June to October. The elevated tides and weighty precipitation can upset your arranged schedule. During rainstorm, you can see an ascent in the water level of the Anjuna Ocean side, that is the reason travelers normally abstain from going there.

Points Of Interest for Anjuna Beach:

  • Parasailing: The Anjuna ocean side is known for its supernatural stone arrangements and picturesque magnificence. Sightseers generally parasail here to encounter this pleasant view. Additionally, you would rather not miss neglecting the Aguada post when you are overhead.
  • Bumpy banana Ride: One of the most mind-blowing water sports in Goa, a visit to Anjuna is fragmented without the uneven banana ride. With appropriate direction and security measures, you can take in the scenery with your crew.
Bumpy banana Ride
  •   Snorkelling: Hoping to enjoy your get-away with the miracles of the marine life? Then, at that point, Anjuna ocean side is the spot you ought to be in. The ocean side proposals to reach out to the astounding submerged world.
  •   Anjuna Flea Market: Anjuna’s swap meet is the sovereign of the hipster swap meets of Goa. Breaking the standard thoughts of shopping, the swap meet invites stock from everywhere India. You can undoubtedly detect Tibetan and Kashmiri brokers, vivid saris from Rajasthan, sacks and blankets from Gujarat, and significantly more.
  • Curlies: Abandoned continuously, Curlies shows signs of life after sunset. It is maybe perhaps of the most seasoned shack Goa has seen. From daze darlings to party skeptics, this spot is for everybody.

Things to Carry at Anjuna Beach:

There are a couple of things that you ought to take with you for an issue free ocean side involvement with Anjuna. Some of them are:

  • Don’t neglect to convey water and a cap as it can get bright.
  • Keep mosquito repellent and sunscreen creams with you to safeguard your skin.
  • Keep that umbrella convenient if there should arise an occurrence of abrupt rainfalls.
  • For strolling across Anjuna ocean side or going out to shop in and out of town, have a few comfortable shoes, or lower leg tie shoes primed and ready.
  • Going to water sports? Remember to pack your beachwear and bathing suits.
  • Take shades and goggles with you to save yourself from the sun’s baking beams.
  • If you are visiting in the colder time of year season, i.e., November to Spring, you could want to keep a couple of hoodies with you.

Travellers’ Tip before visiting Anjuna Beach:

Going at another spot can be an intense riddle to sort out. Peruse on for what you want to be aware prior to visiting there.

  • No matter what the laidback Goan flows, the belonging or conveyance of medications is totally unlawful. Along these lines, express NO to any such medications. Decide in favor alert.
  • Travelers are generally inclined to burn from the sun and sunstrokes. To stay away from these dangers, apply high SPF sunscreen.
  • Book your convenience ahead of time to save yourself from begging to be spent. During the long ends of the week and cold weather months, things can become more busy and costly.
  • Enjoy no water sports prior to being familiar with it. Continuously take the direction of the educator.
  • Notice and check the security measures and rules for water sports.

2. Morjim Beach: North Goa, India

Settled amidst rich green environmental factors, Morjim Ocean side is an enjoyment that will leave you invigorated with its quiet and tranquil climate. On the off chance that one loves bird watching, Morjim Ocean side is quite possibly of the best ocean side in Goa to recognize a few animal types like the Sand Plover, Cove upheld Shrike, Plume, Turnstones, Cuckoo, Kingfisher and Sandpipers should be visible in normal environmental elements. Dolphin Locating is another action which you can enjoy at the Morjim Ocean side.

Morjim Beach

Morjim Beach Overview:

Morjim Ocean side in Goa is one of the most outstanding sea shores to visit over your vacation. The grand magnificence of changing shades of the sky and sunset characterizes this spot. The Morjim ocean side is recognized as one of the immaculate sea shores in Goa for its peaceful climate.

Sightseers visiting Goa pick this ocean side to loosen up themselves as well as treat their taste buds with the astonishing an open door to feast out in the sandy outside. It has an adequate measure of cafés and bungalows that give bona fide Goan food and the best unwinding time.

Morjim ocean side is otherwise called ‘Little Russia’. It is for the explanation that it has a gigantic settlement of Russian occupants. These individuals come from Russia and remain in the perfect climate of Goa for two or three months prior to making a beeline for their country.

Morjim ocean side is additionally well known for another explanation. It is well known as the rearing spot of Olive Ridley Ocean Turtles. You can invest energy with a portion of these exceptional animals of nature as well as snap various snaps to treasure the time spent.

Points Of Interest for Morjim Beach:



  • Flyboarding – This action is only brilliant to enjoy when you are in Goa as it is one of the most pocket-accommodating exercises to be a piece of. You will be given examples and preparing before the real experience. What’s more, toward the finish of your turn you will likewise be given photos and recordings, which you be useful in thinking back your days in Goa
  • Fly Ski- In the event that you are the person who loves to challenge the waves, fly skiing is the best experience movement in Morjim. This is basically liked in the colder time of year times. On the off chance that you are a novice, you will be given preparation and afterward a drive in the water under master watch.
  • Surfing – Morjim is positively a surfer’s heaven and it is a spot for serious surfing. You can without much of a stretch track down rushes of around 3-5 feet high from September to January. The waves can arrive at up to 15 feet now and again.
  • Guard Ride- The guard ride is one more experience sport that you can attempt in Morjim ocean side. This is otherwise called tubing in the neighborhood vernacular. You really want to hold the cylinder with full power while surging against the waves.



  • Club Fresh- The club new has its own quintessence and uniqueness in any remaining clubs in the Morjim ocean side. The plan component of the club is profoundly enlivened by the popular Nikki Ocean side Club in Miami. The Dish Asian impacts in the general setting will keep your awestruck.
  • Boom Shack.-The Blast Shack is a completely flawless spot for nature darlings. You can party in a lovely perspective on the Morjim ocean side and have heavenly worldwide food with the eating region. Travelers love to party with the striking music beats and elevated climate.
  • Ciel Goa-This astounding spot offers the best mix of a club and bar to its guests. You will commend the feeling and dance floor shaking with music.
  • Bora Bora-In the event that you have made your psyche to party late around evening time, this is the most ideal spot for you. It has every one of the extravagant accessories that make it exceptional. You will fall head over heels for the astonishing outside and sweet dance floors. It has all that to fix your state of mind.

How To Reach Morjim Beach:

From Panaji: The distance between Morjim Ocean side and Panji is near 27 Km. You can go by all method for transport. In the event that you wish to arrive at Morjim Ocean side via train, you can without much of a stretch catch neighborhood trains from Vasco Da Gama or Madgaon rail line station. You can likewise cover the distance by a nearby transport or a paid rental taxi.

From Goa International Air terminal: The distance between Morjim Ocean side and Goa Worldwide Air terminal is around 52 Km. You can cover the distance by a neighborhood transport and a paid taxi too. Nonetheless, the most ideal way to go from the air terminal to the ocean side is by recruiting a paid taxi. This won’t just be the least expensive yet additionally efficient.

Best Time To Visit Morjim Beach:

The best opportunity to visit Morjim Ocean side is from November to February. This will be a charming time for ocean side visits as the shacks will be open for ocean side gatherings.
The mid year will be exceptionally hot and muggy and the rainstorm season will be extremely wet. Summer and blustery season are not reasonable for ocean side visits. In this way, to make the most out of the ocean side in your Goa visit, then plan for it in the colder time of year times.

Places to Visit near Morjim Beach: 

Chapora Fort

  • Chapora Fort- Chapora Post is considered as a position of traveler attraction close to the Morjim Ocean side. This landmark is a night focal point for travelers. Arranged by the side of Chapora Waterway, this post is famous as the shooting spot of the Bollywood blockbuster film ‘Dil Chahta hai’
  • Vagator Beach- Vagator Ocean side is perhaps of the most gorgeous ocean side in Goa that is covered with delicate white sand and enormous rocks. The ocean side is additionally encircled by a few palm and coconut trees, which makes the view stunning.
  • St. Alex Church- St. Alex Church to invest a few energy in harmony and serenity then the St. Alex Church at Calangute is the spot to be. It is known for its astonishing engineering and plan. It is the main church in Goa to have been planned with Indian design. Stronghold Aguada-Post Aguada is consistently on first spot on the list of explorers visiting Goa. This ocean confronting stronghold stands tall as one of the declarations to the radiant Portuguese realm.
  • Mandrem Beach- Is situated in North Goa near the Goa – Maharashtra line. A little ocean side stretches pretty much 790 meters on the shore of Goa. It is known for regular picturesque magnificence and exuberant nature.

Things to Carry at Morjim Beach:

Here are the accompanying things that you really want to convey when you are going to Morjim Ocean side:

  • You ought to convey an additional sets of clothing and packs.
  • You ought to convey ocean side footwears and attempt to try not to wear impact points.
  • You ought to likewise convey an umbrella to stay shielded from the awkward shower in Goa.
  • Convey sufficient water to remain hydrated
  • Sunscreens and caps are an unquestionable requirement

Travellers’ Tip before visiting Morjim Beach:

Morjim Beach

Here are a portion of the explorer’s tips that you ought to remember while visiting Morjim ocean side:

  • You ought to be cautious about your possessions. It is energetically prescribed to convey all the money and cards inside the wallet and keep the wallet in the side pocket to confine any pickpocket from taking your resources.
  • Despite the fact that you will track down every one of the worldwide cooking styles, yet never pass up tasting the neighborhood fish.
  • You should apply SPF and UV defenders when you are going to the ocean side for entertainment only.

3. Vagator Beach: North Goa, India

Vagator Ocean side is quite possibly of the best ocean side in Goa which give a healthy caper offering all that like touring, water sports, shopping and quietness. The ocean side is generally renowned among Westerners and a super durable home for the overwhelming majority of them and it is the most ideal getaway destinations in north goa in 1 day. Vagator Ocean side is the spot that charms individuals, everything being equal.

Vagator Beach

Vagator Beach Overview:

Vagator Ocean side in Goa offers vacationers and travel lovers the potential chance to have an encounter that could only be described as epic. It is arranged on without a doubt the northern edges of Bardez Taluka, on the contrary side of the waterway Chapora, what begins from Morjim in Pernem. Towards the south of the Vagator Ocean side untruths Anjuna, one of the most established traveler objections in Goa.

Vagator ocean side is enhanced with pleasant red bluffs that peer down to two freshwater springs that are a short distance from the ocean. The ocean side is primarily partitioned by a shoreline headland which goes about as an excellent spot for vehicle leaving and a few little slows down that sell garments, food and a collection of knickknacks and keepsakes. While confronting the ocean from the headland, on the right lies the North Vagator Ocean side or privately known as ‘Large Vagator’, while on the left lies the Ozran Ocean side or what is known as ‘Little Vagator Ocean side’.

Vagator Beach Highlights:

  • The Vagator ocean side in the Bardez taluka is sandwiched pleasantly between two freshwater springs and one of the most gorgeous in North Goa.
  • Containing North Vagator Ocean side and Ozran Ocean side, it offers a loosening up time in the midst of white sands and wonderful scenes of red bluffs and palm plants.
  • The ocean side is well known among outsiders for its rave culture, nightlife, and party scenes. Local people love it for its tranquility and excellence.
  • Away from the madding swarm, this ocean side is an optimal objective to go through a few heartfelt minutes. From watching an exquisite nightfall, loosening up over the sand to a night walk, it offers numerous ways of getting a charge out of significant minutes.
  • The Anjuna Swap meet is just a mobile separation from the ocean side and one more fascination for being the center of handcrafted creates, decorations, garments, and Goa keepsakes.
  • Complete with different little restaurants and bistros, here you can enjoy a scope of nearby to fish recipes at pocket-accommodating costs.

Points Of Interest for Vagator Beach:

  • Parasailing: Parasailing across the shore at the Vagator Ocean side is one of the most well known exercises among experience addicts. With action expense beginning at INR 1000, Vagator Ocean side offers an exceptional and energizing experience for specialists and fledglings the same.
  • Jet Ski: Stream skiing is one of the most well known exercises at Vagator Ocean side. With a beginning cost of INR 500, one can appreciate hustling across the sea waves on a stream ski after a concise instructional meeting. Kids who are over the age of 3 are charged the full rate.
  • Dolphin Sighting: The shore of Vagator Ocean side stretches for right around 100 km and offers interesting exercises like dolphin sightings. Watching the glorious warm blooded creatures jump out of the Middle Eastern Ocean is a genuinely once in a blue moon insight.
  • Bumper Ride: Delighted in by grown-ups and kids the same, the travelers are made to sit in a small boat called the guard which is then pulled by a speed boat or water ski. As the guard gets pulled and raises a ruckus around town, it hops and gives the sensation of flight. With a beginning cost of INR 400, it is a tomfoolery and novel movement for all.
  • Primrose Café: Situated at the focal point of Vagator Ocean side Retreat in North Goa, the Primrose Bistro is a stupendous spot to go through the evening, complete with its mark electro and daze music parties.
  • Katzensuppe: Go to Katzensuppe where you can appreciate genuine European food and dance the night away on top of their incredible music. The expense of the spot is around INR 1,000 for two. Katzensuppe offers different delicious neighborhood dishes that make your experience much more noteworthy.
  • Nine Bar: With music and moving in the indoor soundproof space, Nine bar is one of the most amazing spots to encounter nightlife at Vagator Ocean side. You can likewise look at the outdoors porch at the Nine Bar, which sits on a precipice that neglects the Vagator Ocean side.
  • Antares Restaurant: Partake in some elite and genuine Australian cooking and different pizzas at the Antares eatery. In the event that you are longing for quality fish this spot has got you covered. Made with the freshest fixings, the Antares eatery is a must-attempt while visiting the Vagator Ocean side.
  • Fishtail Bar and restaurant: The Fishtail Bar and Café is an ocean side shack that is viewed as one of the most outstanding eateries in Bardez, Goa. Found just underneath the Nine Bar, this café serves probably the best nearby Goan nourishment for those searching for a true eating experience.
  • Anjuna Flea Market: The Anjuna Swap meet has endured everyday hardship, with vacationers and voyagers running the market for a long time. Being perhaps of the most exuberant market in North Goa, Anjuna Swap meet is all coordinated each Wednesday, selling a wide assortment of handcrafted creates, garments, shoes, beachwear, counterfeit gems, embellishments and trinkets.

Dolphin Sighting

How To Reach Vagator Beach:

From Panjim
Panjim is found 16 km south of Vagator Ocean side. In the event that you are heading out from Panjim to Vagator Ocean side, you need to travel around 21 km by street. One can arrive at Vagator Ocean side in 20 to 30 minutes from Panjim. There are additionally a few transports and taxicabs for employ that can carry you to Vagator Ocean side. On the off chance that you have employed a bike, as well, you can go easily.

From Goa International Air terminal
The Goa Global Air terminal is found 26 km south of Vagator Ocean side. From the air terminal to Vagator Ocean side, the time taken to arrive at the objective is somewhat more than an hour to an hour and a half relying upon the method of transportation you pick.

Best Time To Visit Vagator Beach:

The best chance to visit Vagator Ocean side is among November and Walk, which is the colder time of year season in the Western Ghats. Goa, being a tropical district, encounters gentle winters with temperatures that don’t go under 15-17 degrees Celsius. It is ideal to stay away from the region throughout the late spring months when the ocean side gets excessively hot. In any event, during the storm ought to be kept away from when partaking in the sun, the ocean side and the waters in the heavy rain is unimaginable.

Places to Visit near Vagator Beach:

Vagator Ocean side itself is a very happening place. Be that as it may, there is no deficiency of invigorating, intriguing and verifiable spots you can visit around Vagator Ocean side also. Here are a few spots you can look at when you are there: 

Morjim Beach

  • Chapora Fort- Chapora Stronghold Worked by the Muslim ruler Adil Shah, Chapora Post was worked over the Chapora Waterway in Bardez. It is presently one of the most well known traveler objections in Goa due to the beautiful setting and courageous landscape.
  • Our Lady of Piety – ChapelOffering an all encompassing perspective from the culmination, this congregation sits on top of a slope situated in the town of Piedade, in Divar Island, Goa. The congregation, otherwise called ‘Our Woman of Empathy’ has its very own interesting history alongside the historical backdrop of the land whereupon it rests.
  • St. Alex’s Church- St. Alex’s Congregation Situated at relatively close to Vagator Ocean side in the famous vacationer mecca of Calangute, this unblemished white church is the main church in Goa that can flaunt its all Indian style engineering comprising of ‘vault falsa’. 
  • Morjim Beach- Morjim Ocean side Look at the changing sky and the sunset at the Morjim Ocean side which is viewed as quite possibly of the most peaceful and tranquil ocean side in Goa. This is a curious spot to visit for a loosening up time frame and a supper outing.
  • Ozran Beach- Ozran Ocean side Otherwise called Little Vagator Ocean side, this one is outlined with delicate rough developments and green slopes. The Ozran ocean side isn’t exceptionally packed and one can partake in a loosening up dusk by the shore and go through the day with food and drink to the heart’s substance.

Things to Carry at Vagator Beach:

While visiting Vagator Ocean side, there are sure things and things that one must continuously convey to take advantage of their visit and goes to the ocean side.

  • The right footwear: while visiting Vagator Ocean side, ensure that you convey the right sort of shoes contingent upon where you are voyaging. Crocs, floaters or flip lemon are great for strolling in sandy spots.
  • Bathing suit: Assuming that you are visiting quite possibly of the most well known ocean side in the country, you should convey your #1 bathing suit for an extraordinary time frame in the water.
  • Sunscreen: Conveying a decent sunscreen to shield your skin from a tan and sun related burn is a flat out must.
  • Water bottle: It is consistently prudent that you convey your own water bottle for crises.

Traveller’s Tip before Visiting Vagator Beach:

Make a point to make a rundown which represents every one of your effects. Having a rundown will assist you with keeping a record of what you are conveying and will actually want to monitor every thing.

  • Try not to book ahead of time except if vital. Except if it is the pinnacle vacationer season (around December and January) you will continuously track down a decent lodging or spot to remain in Goa. Generally, you will actually want to view as curious, financial plan facilities that are not recorded on the web.
  • While making a trip from the air terminal to the ocean side, the main method of transport accessible is a taxi or taxi which can be costly. To save costs, you might discover some individual explorers who are likewise making a beeline for the ocean side. So you share a prepaid taxi and split the expense.
  • On the off chance that you really love Indian food, you will cherish the Goan dishes. In any case, remember that Goan food is by and large spicier than the average Indian food. Go ahead and illuminate the eatery where you are eating, about your zest resilience.

4. Arambol Beach: North Goa, India

In the event that you are wishing to go through certain minutes in isolation valuing the wonderful of an unblemished shoreline, then, at that point, Arambol Ocean side is the ideal spot to be in Goa. It is somewhat unexploited by sightseers and ideal spot for going to partake in a day in sun with your people. Otherwise called Harmal Ocean side, the spot is a paradise for those looking for some quietness and isolation. The coastline has a long sandy stretch out with delicate white sands.

Arambol Beach

Arambol Beach Overview:

The most current ocean side created in Goa, Arambol Ocean side is a piece of an angler’s town, and draws in various vacationers across the year. Arambol Ocean side is viewed as the most lovely sea shores in Goa, and boundaries the Mandrem Ocean side and Keri Ocean side on different sides.

The Bohemian energy of the ocean side draws in outsiders, everything being equal, to it. Its plenty of ocean side shacks, outside occasions, unrecorded music gigs and lively nightlife make it a should visit for individuals across all fields and interests. The ocean side is likewise frequently utilized as a scene for grill occasions or nightfall parties. Arambol Ocean side likewise has two of the main comprehensive developments held in Goa-the Ancestral Dance Celebration and the Indian Shuffling Show.

One can partake in various watersports at Arambol Ocean side, as well as essentially go for a walk along the water. Bikes and cruisers may likewise be employed for individual use against a charge. The roads of Arambol are fixed with various diners and road side merchants selling various products. The ocean side likewise includes a drum circles, where performers going along the ocean side frequently met up to make music.

Arambol Ocean side is likewise very much associated with various attractions and famous vacationer locations. An exceptionally short leave here is the Paliem sweet water lake. This ocean side is additionally all around associated with different sea shores, similar to the Keri Ocean side and the Mandrem Ocean side.

Points Of Interest for Arambol Beach:

Watersports at Arambol Beach:


  • Parasailing: With its transcending bluffs, Arambol Ocean side offers the ideal Parasailing amazing open doors. The Paragliding is started from a precipice among Arambol and Harlam Sea shores, and the experience goes on for about 60 minutes. The best chance to appreciate paragliding here would be between the long periods of September and July.  
  • Jet Ski: Fly skiing is one of the most thrilling water sports valuable open doors presented in Goa. A stream skiing ride goes on for around 10 minutes, and is directed by a direction master who goes with the rider on the ski.
  • Surfing: Surfing at Arambol Ocean side should be possible through Surf Wala. Surf Wala is a surf shop and preparing organization in the southern piece of the ocean side. It offers riding examples to amateurs, and riding offices for those all around prepared in the game.
  • Bumper Ride: A guard ride isn’t for the cowardly. The sea shores of Goa are famous for its guard ride open doors, and Arambol Ocean side is no special case. The ride includes landing an elastic cylinder, which would be attached to a speed boat and hauled around the ocean.
  • Banana Boat Ride: The banana boat ride is one of the simplest watersports in Goa, and can be attempted with a family or even a gathering of companions. The boat is unpowered, a sporting expanded surface that should be towed, and can oblige around ten riders. Banana Boat rides at Arambol Ocean side is genuinely modest.

Nightlife at Arambol Beach:

Nightlife at Arambol Beach

  • Coco Loco Club: Cocoloco Club is an easygoing dance club along Arambol ocean side. Aside from its range of refreshments and food, the Club has various occasions, including music shows.
  • Red Rock Bar Club: Red Stone Bar Club is on the double a bar, a focal bistro and a bar. Offering an ocean front view, this coffee shop can oblige countless individuals and offers numerous cooking styles.
  • Sporting Heroes Club: A games Bar close to Morjim, Wearing Legends Club is an ideal go to detect for music sweethearts and hard core partiers. The club offers an awe inspiring cluster of refreshments and food claims to fame, as well as a karaoke framework and a pool.

How To Reach Arambol Beach:

  • The most effective method to Arrive at Arambol Ocean side from Panaji: The least demanding method for arriving at Arambol Ocean side from Panaji is to take a taxi or taxi. One may likewise choose to take a transport to Arambol. There are immediate transports from Panaji to Arambol planned at like clockwork or somewhere in the vicinity. There are additionally confidential smaller than normal transports interfacing the two objections. The Arambol transport stop is on the principal street. To arrive at the ocean side, one should take a nearby vehicle or walk a brief distance of around 1km
  • The most effective method to Arrive at Arambol Ocean side from Goa Global Air terminal: The least expensive, but furious, method for arriving at Arambol Ocean side from Goa Worldwide Air terminal is to take various transports. One must initially take a transport from the Air terminal to Panjim, then, at that point, to Mapusa, lastly from that point to Arambol Transport stop. Once at the bus station, one should take a nearby vehicle or stroll to the ocean side, which is just a brief distance into the Arambol town. On the other hand, one can take a taxi or a taxi to the spot, which would be sans problem yet marginally costly, costing more than Rs. 1500.

Best Time To Visit Arambol Beach:

The best time to visit Arambol Ocean side would be throughout the cold weather months, between the long stretches of October and Walk. During this time, the atmospheric conditions is cool and superb, and the temperature only occasionally crosses 25 degrees, creating it an optimal open door to participate in the untamed sea side.

Places to Visit Near Arambol Beach:

  • Kalacha Beach: A tranquil, recondite ocean side in rich green setting, Kalacha Ocean side is a should visit for voyagers who are searching for a laid-back, easygoing ocean side insight. The Ocean side is well known for its sweet water tidal pond and its new water lagoon. Aside from giving an ideal spot to ocean side gatherings and grills, the ocean side gives its guests various experience sport open doors, for example, paragliding or hand floating.
  • Paliem Lake: Around a brief leave Arambol ocean side is the Paliem Sweet Water Lake, a sweet water tidal pond encompassed by slopes and a little segment of land that isolates it from the ocean side. The interesting little lake gives a superb swimming encounter. Paragliding should likewise be possible here.
  • Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church: Just a short journey away from Arambol Ocean side is the Our Woman of Mount Carmel Church, a famous traveler objective in Goa. The congregation, with its flawless white designs, is well known for its engineering.
  • Keri Beach: Keri Ocean side, otherwise called Querim Ocean side, is the biggest ocean side in Northern Goa. Keri Ocean side is well known for its pleasant excellence on one side where the ocean waters meet with the Tiracol Stream while on the opposite side, Rough Mountains stand tall and glad over the waters. The ocean side is known for its quiet climate and tidiness, and has around 10 burger joints along the sandy stretch.

Things to Carry to Arambol Beach:

Swimwear. One should convey satisfactory swimming stuff on the off chance that one chooses to partake in the waters of the ocean side.

  • Shades: The sun is major areas of strength for normally the open sea shores, and may hurt one’s eye.
  • Right Footwear: The best footwear to wear to the ocean side would be agreeable shoes or open shoes, ideally water-confirmation and effectively launderable ones.
  • Cotton wear: The best garments to appreciate ocean side weather conditions in would be cotton wear, particularly free relaxed ones like shorts and shirts.
  • Sunscreen: An unquestionable requirement for ocean side participants, to furnish skin with sufficient security.
  • Caps or Covers: In the event that one finds it agreeable to safeguard their eyes from the sun.

Arambol Beach

Tips for Travelers in Arambol Beach:

Abstain from visiting the ocean side during storm. In this time, Goa encounters weighty showers. The waters are violent, and the greater part of the beachside shacks and offices stay shut.

  • One should convey their own swimwear, swimming stuff and garments as there are no rentals accessible.
  • There are stopping offices accessible around the ocean. Thus, in the event that one is taking a vehicle there, one need not search for outside parking spots.
  • Ensure you are not swimming in the areas checked confined.
  • Try not to miss the marvelous nightfall view near the ocean.

5. Ashwem Beach: North Goa, India

Relatively a less popular ocean side among vacationers, Ashwem Ocean side is great for sightseers wishing to invest some alone energy at a delightful area. Ashvem has an exquisite scene known for its stones encompassing the ocean side cut by the shellfish. The view that the coastline gives is a champion among the most magnificent sights anytime seen.

Ashwem Beach

Ashwem Beach Overview:

Ashwem Ocean side is situated in the beach front town of Mandrem in North Goa in the Pernem locale. It is situated between the Morjim ocean side and Mandrem ocean side and is exceptionally near the capital city of Panaji. It is quite possibly of the most famous ocean side in North Goa, alongside a couple of different sea shores, for example, the Junas ocean side.

The justification behind its prevalence is its broad stretches of white sand and intriguing palm trees that develop along the edges of this ocean side. It is additionally home to the rambling cashew ranch and individuals are likewise drawn to this area because of the flourishing fishing and ocean bottom culture predominant here.

Regardless of being one of the more famous sea shores in Goa, finding segregated spots and extreme harmony in this place is as yet conceivable. You can loosen up near the ocean while watching the waters of the Middle Eastern Ocean, or you can look at one of the numerous bistros that line the ocean side.

The cafés on the ocean front serve new fish and nearby treats utilizing the best fixings and genuine recipes. One more alluring component about the ocean side is that it is exceptionally spotless and kept up with well by the nearby specialists as well as the travelers who visit the spot. At the point when you are in Ashwem Ocean side, ensure you likewise get the stunning dusk.

Ashwem Beach

Ashwem Beach Highlights:

  • One of North Goa’s little known treasures, Ashwem Ocean side offers wonderful sea sees outlined by the influencing coconut palms that line the shore.
  • It is concealed from the crowds and is an incredible area for explorers looking for a quiet excursion while partaking in the sun, sand, and waves.
  • The waters around this ocean side are great for swimming and surfing. Plus, the close by waterway gives a place of refuge to kids who can’t get through the sea’s waves.
  • With plentiful ocean side shacks and resorts along the coastline, here, you can partake in a noontime dinner, evening snacks, drinks, neighborhood dishes, new fish, or a stay nearby.
  • Resorts at the ocean side are known for their reflection and Yoga meetings that are hit among outsiders and local people the same.
  • Its neatness, stunning scenes, and quiet climate settle on it a favored decision among those searching for a split away from the madding swarm.

Points Of Interest for Ashwem Beach:


  • Surfing: The delicate waves and the reasonable flows in Ashwem Ocean side make it the best objective for riding in North Goa. Surfers are directed by proficient mentors from South Africa, Indonesia, Australia and Russia, to make your experience true and invigorating.
  • Paragliding: If a vacationer has any desire to partake in the heavenly perspective on the sky and the water while spreading wings, then, at that point, the best time for a little while is between late September and the primary long stretches of June.
  • Jet Ski: Stream skiing is a definitive experience sport for those searching for an adrenaline rush on their ocean side get-away. Numerous effective and safe administrations are accessible here to give you a remunerating plane skiing experience in the waters of the Bedouin Ocean.
  • Windsurfing: Windsurfing and kite surfing are probably the most extraordinary and invigorating exercises on this ocean side. The reasonable blue skies and the charming sea flows make it ideal for travelers to go windsurfing. The ideal time for this action is between October to April.
  • The Saturday Night Market: The Saturday Night Market which happens each Saturday is the ideal spot to get every one of your keepsakes and get an interesting taste of Goa in the meantime. You can find trinets, adornments, garments, sacks, embellishments and flavors here. Aside from the reasonable scope of items, you can likewise find groups and performers playing unrecorded music.

How To Reach Ashwem Beach:

Arriving at Ashwem Ocean side from Panaji
The distance between Ashwem Ocean side and Panaji is 30 km. One can take the transport from the Kadamba Transport stand in Panaji. The Thivim Railroad station is 18 km assuming you are wanting to go via train. Proficient taxi administration is accessible to take you to Ashwem Ocean side from any of these focuses effortlessly and solace.

Arriving at Ashwem Ocean side from Goa Worldwide Air terminal
The distance between The Goa worldwide Air terminal and Ashwem Ocean side is 54.6 km. The simplest method for arriving at the ocean side from the air terminal is by recruiting a taxi. It will require roughly one hour and the voyaging cost will change from 1,300 to Rs. 1,700 INR.

Best Time To Visit Ashwem Beach:

The best opportunity to visit Ashwem Ocean side is among November and February. This is the time the region encounters its colder time of year season. Since Goa is a tropical domain, the winters are cool and wonderful and the warm sun is ideal to battle the cold of inland regions.

Temperatures throughout the mid year months take off to an awkward 40 degrees Celsius and the stickiness level is extremely high and not great for a loosening up excursion. The long periods of June to September are the rainstorm months, where the region sees extremely weighty precipitation and continuous tempests, which is likewise not helpful for a serene ocean side get-away.

Ashwem Beach

Places to visit near Ashwem Beach:

  • Chapora Fort –Chapora Post is worked close to the Chapora Waterway and is situated in Bardez. It is one of the most stupendous spots to visit, for its rich history as well as for the ethereal magnificence of the actual Stronghold. It is likewise a well known journeying spot among experience devotees. 
  • Harmal Beach- Harmal Ocean side is a mystery ocean side in North Goa that has a lovely sand bend making the spot very beautiful. This ocean side is additionally appropriate for water sports like swimming and waterboarding. Harmal Ocean side can be reached by transport, rental bicycles and cars.
  • Morjai Temple-The Morjai sanctuary is arranged in the Pernum area. The workmanship and the design of the sanctuary is its fundamental fascination, comprising of antiquated “Kaavi” craftsmanship style. 
  • Arambol Mountain- The Arambol Mountain, found relatively close to Ashwem Ocean side, is a calm and tranquil retreat. One can observer a stunning dawn and a heartfelt dusk from this peak. The spot is likewise great for a little cookout with loved ones.
  • Morjim Beach- Morjim Ocean side is a famous spot to hang out close to Ashwem Ocean side. Aside from the numerous bistros and eateries that are situated on the ocean front and the water sports that you can appreciate around there; it is additionally home to the interesting Olive Ridley Ocean Turtles.

Traveller’s Tip before visiting Ashwem Beach:

Ashwem Ocean side is one of the most secure and cleanest sea shores in Goa. In any case, here are a few explorer’s tips that you can keep helpful when you are going there:

  • Ensure you do all necessary investigation about the ocean side before you stay there.
  • It is prudent that regardless of where you are going to Goa, you convey your ID with you.
  • Investigating the region on a bike (that you can recruit day to day) is smart.
  • In the event that you are searching for good nearby food, it is ideal assuming you stay away from the large café and look at the more modest shacks around the ocean.
  • Despite the fact that you can approach safe drinking water, it is ideal assuming you actually convey your own supplyMedical Offices close to Ashwem Ocean side

6. Palolem Beach: South Goa, India

Palolem Ocean side is likely one of the most stunning sea shores of South Goa and by and large renowned among unfamiliar vacationers who run here frequently. The peaceful environmental factors makes an overjoyed setting for enjoying a periodic walk or simply value this astounding scene. The ocean side remaining parts loaded with shacks, vendors, cafés, and eating outlets possessing the one mile long shore in sickle shape.

Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach Overview:

Situated in Canacona in Southern Goa, Palolem Ocean side is perhaps of the most lovely ocean side in Goa. Known for its pleasant normal excellence and uncanny party flows, this semi-roundabout ocean side is just a mile long. In this way, you won’t call for much investment to investigate every one of the delightful destinations that the ocean side brings to the table. In this way, whether you are contemplating branching out with an accomplice, or all alone, Palolem ocean side will constantly be charming to you all around.

The northern side of the ocean side is known to be somewhat more secure, as the tides are to some degree more settled around here. Subsequently, on the off chance that you are going with a little relative, it is suggested that you stay at this side of the ocean side. By and by, in the event that you have a ridiculous hunger for experience, you ought to visit the southern piece of the ocean side. In this segment, the idea of the tides is more questionable and unsafe.

Thusly, here, you can enjoy various sorts of water exercises, for example, kayaking and boat riding.
In any case, on the off chance that you like to avoid exercises and need to invest your energy in relaxation, then, at that point, you can likewise book a shack. The shacks at the Palolem Ocean side are very lavish and can offer various conveniences to cause you to feel comfortable.

Points Of Interest for Palolem Beach:


  • Paddling: It’s one more sort of seawater sports for families to attempt at Palolem Ocean side. For participating in this action, you would just have to know how to paddle a boat, as there will be proficient with you who will deal with the directional obligations.
  • Paragliding: To get a higher perspective from the most appealing focuses all through Palolem Ocean side and around, paragliding is a great movement for grown-ups. To partake in this action in a no problem at all way as you will be furnished with a parachute and expert mentor.
  • Water scooter: Like Kayaks, Water Bikes are one more kind of watercraft that can assist you with floating through the water quiet. In any case, with a Water Bike, you wouldn’t need any sort of oar as it is controlled by a motor. You can enjoy this astonishing water sport at Palolem ocean side.
  • Sundowner: Sundowner is found right close to the Monkey Island. Here you will track down two bars, where you can invest some peaceful energy alone, or with an accomplice. This island bar is a mix of harmony and sentimentalism immediately with a natural look, sparkly strobe lights, and a fabulous blend of mixed drinks for the couples and grown-ups.
  • Silent Noise Disco: One of the principal attractions of Palolem Ocean side, the Quiet Commotion Disco is a couple of strolling moves back from the ocean side. This club is known to hold earphones parties for grown-ups.

How To Reach Palolem Beach:

How to Reach Palolem Beach from Panjim

The excursion from Panjim to Palolem Ocean side is straight and has numerous choices. In the event that you take a transport, it requires over three hours, and you should change the transport two times to arrive at Canacona. From that point, a public taxi will take you to the Palolem ocean side in five minutes or less.

With train (No. 16345/70101/70103), the excursion will associate with two hours. The closest rail route station is at Karmali, where you will arrive at in something like a short ways from Panjim.

Then again, an option for employing a taxi or a self-drive vehicle from Panjim will assist you with arriving at Palolem in the span of one hour and fifteen minutes.

How to Reach Palolem Beach from Goa International Airport

From the Goa International Air terminal, you can enlist either a taxi or ride a Towncar, that is the point at which you don’t have a confidential vehicle. Independent of these choices to drive, the excursion will require about 60 minutes.

Palolem Beach

Best Time To Visit Palolem Beach:

November to February are the pinnacle a very long time to visit this ocean side with better choices and the group that you could like. Nonetheless, the sort of fun you need to have at Palolem Ocean side relies upon the time.
For example, to partake in the nightlife then you should visit this ocean side at late evening or extremely early times. As a matter of fact, during this time, you could likewise get a choice to appreciate boat rides to the close by islands.

In any case during the day you can jump through various bistros and parlors or have a go at sunbathing. This will be ideal for solo voyagers and furthermore enormous families with kids.

Places to Visit Near Palolem Beach:

Butterfly Beach

  • Butterfly Beach: Arranged at the northern side, Butterfly ocean side is one of the must-visit spots of Palolem Ocean side. An ideal spot for individuals like to invest their energy in isolation. By and by, assuming you are a dendrophile, or just love to savor the peacefulness of nature, then you, as well, will go gaga for this butterfly-shape ocean side.
  • Canacona Island: This island is right at the seaward side of Palolem Ocean side, and it was not quite of Goa until the eighteenth 100 years. Individuals visiting Palolem Ocean side can go investigate this island by stepping on the stones across the ocean. An ideal area for couples and youths need to partake in the magnificence and feel of an island. Or disaster will be imminent, one can constantly partake in the superb dusk around Jojo’s, which is simply close to the island.
  • Cabo de Rama Fort: Named after Ruler Rama, Cabo De Rama is a Portuguese stronghold situated among Cavelossim and Agonda ocean side. Despite the fact that it is at present in ruins, it actually looks very enthusiastic because of its sparkling environmental elements. From the highest point of the post, explorers can observer perhaps of the best nightfall and dawns.
  • Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary: This place is around 23 km away from the beach and is best for nature lovers and families. It’s mostly available to explore throughout every season and is also near the Karnataka-Goa border. Families can actually stay at the observation deck to check out the foliage views with large trees, animals and watering holes.
  • Agonda Beach: This ocean side has a long-extended shape and is roughly twenty minutes from Palolem Ocean side. You can either take a boat for a long tomfoolery ride on the ocean or go directly to the ocean side through streets. It is in general great for sunbathing and swimming with a lesser group.

Travellers’ Tip Before Visiting Palolem Beach:

  • Practice Mindfulness during Evening: Strolling around Palolem Ocean side, both during the constantly, is by and large very protected. notwithstanding, an individual, particularly ladies, ought to continuously show a degree of mindfulness and convey a light during evening to keep away from crash with taxis.
  • Attempt advance booking at inns: To get the concessional rates, it’s better you generally go out traveling to this ocean side with cutting edge appointments.
  • Realize that you really want to care for your children: When there are elevated tides or your family is investigating the southern finish of this ocean side, ensure your children are followed along close to you.
  • Pack additional money close by: to eat and shop, you want to have an additional measure of money close by because of unavailability of ATMs.

7. Sinquerim Beach: North Goa, India

The sparkling Sinquerim Ocean side is an incredible coastline that has a fantastic reach out of sand and it is likewise one of the most mind-blowing North Goa spots to visit. It is arranged at the north of the notable coastlines like Baga, Calangute and Candolim. It is an ideal spot for swimming and one should not to miss going to this coastline while traveling in Goa to partake in the ocean side exercises.

Sinquerim Beach

Sinquerim Beach Overview:

Sinquerim Ocean side flaunts an astonishing coastline and it is found north of the famous sea shores of Goa including Calangute, Baga, and Candolim. The waters of Sinquerim are ideally suited for a reviving swim with your family or companions and you should not miss the stunning water sports while traveling here.

Sinquerim is well known among travelers running to this ocean side from everywhere the world. The ocean side is near the absolute best dance club in Goa. One of the vital attractions of Sinquerim Ocean side is the famous Burn from the sun Celebration held every year in December. Another key fascination is the Aguada Post, only close to the ocean side. Sinquerim is home to numerous eateries and shacks that serve new fish and mixed drinks to spoil your taste buds.

You can likewise find various vacationer inns and resorts near the ocean offering fashionable boarding offices to explorers running to Goa from everywhere the world.

Points Of Interest for Sinquerim Beach:

Sinq Night Club

Sinq Night Club

In the event that you are searching for a light, stylish dance club with chill energies to make your evening, this is the spot to be. It gloats of a cutting edge Goan bar, a brilliant dance floor, a deck, and a poolside relax. So shake your legs with your accomplice for a definitive party insight.
Party away or just loosen up over two or three beverages in the outside parlor or take a dunk in the pool. In the event that you are a foodie, you can evaluate the lip-smacking grill things and wood-terminated pizzas at the poolside deck.

Love Passion Karma

Love Passion Karma (LPK), a dazzling waterfront property against the scenery of Indo-Portuguese Church guarantees a thrilling nightlife to the wild partiers in Goa. Go for long strolls down the riverside, sentiment with your accomplice or dance the night away to the enthusiastic numbers on the shocking dance floor inside.
In the event that you want a few quiet minutes from the commotion, drink LPK’s spearheading shooters and blends while taking in the excellence of the enlightened Love Enthusiasm Karma over the glimmering water.

Tuscany Gardens

Relish the customary Italian rarities served in an European-style eating region with tables laid in a verdant nursery design. It is the best spot to eat in Sinquerim in the event that you have become fatigued of rice and curries and are wanting for still somewhat firm pasta and slight hull pizzas. Spoil your taste buds with starters, pizzas, pasta, mixed greens, risottos, principal courses, and sweets, produced using unadulterated Italian fixings and new nearby produce.

How To Reach Sinquerim Beach:

Arriving at the ocean side is simple, both from Panjim and from the Goa Worldwide Air terminal.

  • Step by step instructions to Arrive at Sinquerim Ocean side from Panaji: Transport administrations, as well as confidential vehicles, cars, and taxis, are accessible from Panaji. The spot is just 13 km off Sinquerim Ocean side. Thusly, on the off chance that you travel at a speed of 50 km/hour, you can arrive at this pleasant ocean side in approx 32 minutes assuming you take the Betim-Verem-Saligao Street. It will require close to 36 minutes on the off chance that you take the NH 66 or the Pilerne – Candolim Street.
  • Instructions to Arrive at Sinquerim Ocean side from Goa InterAir terminal: You can without much of a stretch arrive at Sinquerim Ocean side from Goa Global Air terminal, Dabolim. Take a taxi or vehicle, which is the quickest choice to arrive at Sinquerim. You will arrive at in about an hour’s time in the event that you take the NH 66. The separation from the air terminal to Sinquerim is 39.8 km.

Best Time To Visit Sinquerim Beach:

The long periods of November until February are the best opportunity to visit Sinquerim Ocean side, the pinnacle season. You can likewise delight in the delight of the Sun related burn Celebration held in the period of December. In the event that you love the rainstorm, you can set out toward the ocean side from June to October. Make a point to arrive at the ocean side early morning on the off chance that you couldn’t want anything more than to see the staggering ocean side dawn with your friends and family.

Places to Visit near Sinquerim Beach:

Fort Aguada

  • Candolim Beach- The ocean side is only 2 km from Sinquerim and one of the most serene spots to visit in Goa. The significant exercises here incorporate speedboat rides, fishing, parasailing, stream skiing, and paragliding. The boat rides are elating for experience searchers. That is on the grounds that you can detect dolphins and crocodiles, the most sought-after exercises in Candolim. Try not to pass up on your opportunity to make proper acquaintance with the cordial dolphins!
  • Baga Beach- This ocean side is found only 7 km off Sinquerim, among Calangute and Anjuna sea shores. Take in the beautiful perspectives on Baga Ocean side with your friends and family. You can likewise see the juncture of the Middle Eastern Ocean and the Baga Stream, where the waterway converges into the immense scope of the ocean. The top exercises here are dolphin rides, stream voyage, banana boat rides, unwinding ayurvedic spa, or loosening up on the ocean front tasting lime or coconut water.
  • Fort Aguada – The Portuguese assembled this post in the sixteenth century when they managed Goa. You can completely investigate it, particularly for its shocking pilgrim design. Take a visit through the fortification that brags of an orbicular beacon, worked in the year 1864. Also, the St. Lawrence House of prayer here is likewise one of the pursued spots to visit.

Travellers’ Tip before visiting Sinquerim Beach:

  • While visiting Sinquerim Ocean side, protect your money and different records in a waterproof pack to keep harm from dampness.
  • Use life coats while enjoying water sports on the ocean front. Pay attention to the aide and their wellbeing data cautiously. Try not to swim in that frame of mind of lifeguards as a result of high waves major areas of strength for and flows.
  • Stay away from drugs, drinking openly places, and smoking regardless of whether you are a stalwart hard core partier. Additionally, stay with your own gathering at ocean side gatherings.

8. Mobor Beach: South Goa, India

Mobor Ocean side is energetic with travelers and continuously clamoring with gatherings and exercises that go one here interminably. The ocean side is improved with normal manifestations with sprouting lilies in lakes, sandy hills and coconut palms which revere the scene. This spot is great for the people who need to make their excursion a more unique encounter or simply feel the radiance of normal life in Goa.

Mobor Beach

Mobor Beach Overview:

Mobor Ocean side is one of the perfect sea shores in South Goa that draws in crowds of vacationers consistently from everywhere the country. A couple of moment’s walk around the famous Cavelossim Ocean side will take you to this brilliant piece of nature’s wonderland which actually stays unperturbed by the metropolitan furor.

The sun-dyed coastline flanked by palm trees extends as far as possible from Vasco da Gama and is a sheer treat to the eyes of each and every city tenant. The dark blue, completely clear waters of the amicable mix of the Middle Eastern Ocean and the Sal Stream is a terrific sight. The staggering landscape fills in as a genuine escape and lets each being, loosen up their concerns in the mystical air of the perfect ocean side.

You can basically rests and absorb yourselves the warm sun, take a reviving plunge in the cool waters or settle on some quiet coastline single getaway in the midst of the peaceful settings. The lovely hotels here will offer you a brilliant stay in this manner guaranteeing you a few remarkable recollections. Have confidence, your outing to Mobor Ocean side is definitely going to be advantageous as it is one of the shocking spots. Find out more and begin pressing.

Points Of Interest for Mobor Beach:


Watersports Mobor Beach

  • Jet Ski- To meet the sky blue floods of the Middle Eastern Ocean, then dive into the gutsy maneuverings with the Stream Ski. Gear up with your life coats and partake in an outright exhilarating ride across the sea and catch a few astonishing perspectives on the brilliant shorelines.
  • Banana Boat Ride- On the off chance that you are going with your family and looking for some exciting water sports, then don’t pass up the elating Banana Boat Ride. Clutch the boat firmly and feel the spouting ocean wind dashing against you as you float past along the waves in the speed boat.
  • Ringo Ride- This elating ride will unquestionably offer you a rough sprinkle as you leave upon a winding and whirling experience along the quiet waters. Take in the scenery as the swelled ring will take you in the midst of the beautiful blue waters of the Goan coastline.
  • Parasailing- Mobor Ocean side will give each experience searcher an extraordinary involvement in parasailing. Go to the ocean on a winch boat and from that point starts one of the most incredible encounters of parasailing. While temporary past in the air, one will see the magnificent perspective on the purplish blue ocean and the staggering ocean side scenes.



  • Enjoy the local flavours at the shacks-The ocean side remaining parts dabbed for certain stylish shacks where you can invest a few loosening up hours. Sam’s Ocean side Shack, Pearl’s Ocean side Shack, Mike’s Desert spring Ocean side Shack, and a lot of others will offer you a heavenly scope of fish to pig out upon. Taste onto a few delectable beverages, partake at night ocean breeze and partake in a merry encounter.
  • Beach parties-On different nights, the shacks likewise set up for party evenings and one will move alongside some cutting beats. The energetic quality of the spot will embrace you with its glow and bait you to stir things up around town floor and take advantage of a few permanent opportunities.
  • Casino Night by the sea- Gambling club Night by the ocean Mobor Ocean side is the ideal spot to enjoy some astounding gambling club games alongside a delicious spread of cooking styles. Raise a ruckus around town, toss the dice and win your karma for the night.
  • Take a stroll along the promenade-Ultimately, you can just leave on a relaxed stroll across the little beautiful town. Covered in straightforward rusticity, the spot has an otherworldly quality that will offer you a reposeful walk. Sit on the coastlines, watch the brilliant evening and pay attention to the alleviating sound of the crashing waves. Loosen up the entirety of your concerns and absorb every one of your faculties the suggestive embodiment of the ocean.

Places to Eat at Mobor Beach:

  • Beach Grill: It is a multi-cooking eatery and won’t frustrate you with its extravagant scope of food and refreshments. You can likewise taste the top notch scope of beverages at the bar and the comfortable feel of the spot will without a doubt mitigate your psyches.
  • Betty’s Place: to treat your taste buds with some extraordinary scope of flavors and delectable fish, then don’t pass up Betty’s Place. The covered rooftop shack with fresco tables adds an extraordinary provincial appeal to the spot and the satisfying sight of the ocean will welcome you as you partake in your feasts.
  • Dom’s Beach Shack: This is one more energetic spot to visit with loved ones. The mitigating music, the faintly lit air, the scrumptious food and the superior scope of beverages will without a doubt bait you to fill in your eager stomachs.
  • James Cafe Beach Hut: You can likewise visit James Bistro Ocean side Cabin for a heartfelt supper. The external seating and the lilting tune alongside the delicious food will be an ideal decision in the event that you are visiting Mobor with your friends and family.

How To Reach Mobor Beach:

  • Step by step instructions to Arrive at Mobor Ocean side from Panji
    In the event that you are heading out from Panaji to Mobor Ocean side, you can pick any nearby vehicle. It is very much associated by streets and is a ways off of 48.6 km that would require close to 60 minutes. You can undoubtedly take a train to the Vasco Da Gama Railroad Station or Margao Rail line Station and afterward recruit a taxi or a bicycle to arrive at your objective.
  • Step by step instructions to Arrive at Mobor Ocean side from Goa International Air terminal
    The separation from Goa Worldwide Air terminal to Mobor Ocean side is around 38 km and will take you about 1 hour to show up at the beautiful spot. You will get a few prepaid taxi administrations from the air terminal that would guarantee you an agreeable excursion to Mobor Ocean side. You can likewise lease a vehicle or a bicycle and leave upon a noteworthy excursion.
Mobor Beach

Best Time To Visit Mobor Beach:

In the event that an impending excursion at Mobor Ocean side is pausing, the best opportunity to visit the spot is throughout the cold weather months enduring from November to February. The climate during this time is charming and sightseers can anticipate an invigorating coastline occasion. Notwithstanding, summers can be truly hot and the months between Spring to May can end up being very awkward because of the searing intensity. The storm gets weighty deluge and can ruin your whole excursion, in this manner attempt to abstain from visiting Mobor d

Places to Visit Near Mobor Beach:

Mobor Beach lies dotted with some fascinating retreats that you just cannot miss out on. These places are very near the beach and the visit to such luring spots will be worth your time and effort. 

  • Betul Fort and Lighthouse- To get a brief look at the endless sky set against the rambling ocean, a visit to the Betul Post is an unquestionable necessity. Worked by Shivaji Maharaj, this old construction incorporated inside a rich history will offer you a critical time and is just 13 km away from the ocean side.
  • The nearby beaches- The close by sea shores In the wake of going through a few quality hours at Mobor Ocean side you can go on an outing further south and investigate the different other colorful sea shores. The closest one is the Cavelossim Ocean side, just 4.6 km away followed by other astonishing objections like Agonda, Palolem, Cola, and others.
  • The beautiful churches in and around Mobor- Visit a portion of the noteworthy places of worship close to Mobor like the Blessed Cross Church, St. Roque Church, St. Francis Xavier Church, and numerous others. Known for their imaginative polish, these chapels will likewise offer you a few snapshots of profound delight.
  • Cutbona Jetty- visit place lying close to Mobor Ocean side a ways off of around 10 km. Here you will get to see one of the most active fishing harbors and could try and decide to set out on a completely exhilarating fishing visit.

Travelers’ Tip before Visiting Mobor Beach:

Mobor Ocean side untruths dabbed for certain interesting retreats that you can’t pass up. These spots are extremely close to the ocean side and the visit to such attracting spots will merit your time and exertion.

  • Betul Stronghold and Beacon To get a brief look at the endless sky set against the rambling ocean, a visit to the Betul Post is an unquestionable necessity. Worked by Shivaji Maharaj, this old construction incorporated inside a rich history will offer you a critical time and is just 13 km away from the ocean side.
  • The close by sea shores In the wake of going through a few quality hours at Mobor Ocean side you can go on an outing further south and investigate the different other colorful sea shores. The closest one is the Cavelossim Ocean side, just 4.6 km away followed by other astonishing objections like Agonda, Palolem, Cola, and others.
  • The lovely temples in and around Mobor-Visit a portion of the noteworthy places of worship close to Mobor like the Blessed Cross Church, St. Roque Church, St. Francis Xavier Church, and numerous others. Known for their imaginative polish, these chapels will likewise offer you a few snapshots of profound delight.
  • Cutbona Wharf It is another must-visit place lying close to Mobor Ocean side a ways off of around 10 km. Here you will get to see one of the most active fishing harbors and could try and decide to set out on a completely exhilarating fishing visit.

9. Agonda Beach: South Goa, India

Agonda Ocean side in Goa is great for people looking for a stimulating time frame in the water. The cool breeze and warm summer sun assist you with reducing the tensions brought by the ordinary daily schedule. This coastline is long and forsaken, lined with palms and casuarinas and overpowered by a far reaching slant southward. If you are looking for a few serene minutes, Agonda Ocean side is the spot to be.

Agonda Beach

Agonda Beach Overview:

Agonda Ocean side is a rug of white sands specked with vivid shacks giving the credible Goan flows. The Middle Eastern Ocean on this part is energetically contacting the shores of the sparkling ocean side dabbed with rich green coconut and palm trees. It is one of the cleanest sea shores of Goa which are surprisingly less swarmed. You can invest an exceptionally quiet alone energy in the midst of the serene quiet of the ocean side. You can discover a few comfortable shacks which have a warm, inviting energy drawing in individuals to enter it and loosen up a tad.

These shacks serve various unique neighborhood foods alongside picked indulgences from around the world. They give you ocean side beds where you can rests under the umbrellas or hang inside a lounger watching the scenes around the ocean side. There are different spots at the ocean side, where you can pursue water sports and partake in a particular assortment of experience.

They even train you for some water sports like fly skiing and surfing so you can appreciate them additionally on the off chance that you are a novice.

Points Of Interest for Agonda Beach:



  • Kayaking: There is a club offering Kayaking to the visitors. You can appreciate kayaking in ocean waters and investigate the environmental factors by rowing all alone.
  • Surfing: The influxes of the Agonda ocean side are ideal for surfing. In the event that you are a surfer, try to take part in surfing at the ocean side. Notwithstanding, that causes the disturbances unsatisfactory for swimming.
  • Parasailing: This is a tomfoolery water sport where you are attached to an engine alongside a parachute on your head to keep you in the air. You can likewise get an incidental plunge into the pungent water on the off chance that you request.
  • Motorboat ride: In this ride, you sail in a speedboat to go far away from the edges of the ocean side which gives all encompassing perspectives on the Agonda ocean side from a good ways.
  • Banana Ride: This ride have you sit on a monster banana attached to a speedboat. A good ways off, exactly the same speed boat takes a sharp transform so you can fall into the ocean.
  • Jet Skiing: a self-propelled engine vehicle runs on the outer layer of the water. You really want to get preparing if there should arise an occurrence of needing to ride all alone. Whenever you have been prepared and rehearsed sufficient, you can bring the stream ski into the middle of pungent waters and appreciate sprinkling water alongside gorgeous perspectives on the white sand ocean side.
  • Cruise: It is likewise a movement to give perspectives on the ocean front from a good ways. Nonetheless, the main distinction is the speed. The journey removes you gradually from the edge into the center of the ocean where you can partake in the sun setting into the distance on the one side and the white ocean side specked with palm and coconut trees on the opposite side.



  • Silent Noise Club: The club puts together stand-out party in India which neglects you on your own earphones where you can play the DJ picked by you. It is what is happening where everyone moves as per their own tunes.
  • Gatsby’s Pub: It is a little parlor and bistro where you can get food and beverages at sensible costs. Additionally, the spot is known for the great music among every one of the close by bars and clubs.
  • Johnny’s Cool: It is a very pocket-accommodating spot which serves a rich assortment of lagers and Kajufeni, Goan cooking styles alongside nearby music making itself an unadulterated Goan please.
  • Smuggler’s Inn: It is an European style relax where you can watch a film screened on a big screen, and you can connect with yourself in karaoke evenings and gaming contest over drinks and legitimate Brit food.

Places to Eat at Agonda Beach:

  • Mandala Cafe: This bistro serves legitimate nearby and worldwide cooking styles at extremely low costs. You will get a genial environment here alongside really accommodating staff making your feast pleasurable.
  • Sea Breeze: It is a group of brilliantly shaded shacks which serve true Indian food, Fish and Asian cooking styles at magnificent costs.
  • Sonho Do Mar: It is a pitiful wooden eatery confronting the ocean side where you can appreciate conventional Asian air as well as western guidelines. You can likewise chill at the loungers hanging out near the ocean.
  • Duck and Chill Bar Restaurant and Beach Huts: It is a regular Goan style shack which serves an assortment of finger-licking food. They have a menu including Indian, Fish, Worldwide, Asian and commonplace fish.

Shopping at Agonda Beach

  • The Anjuna Flea Market: It is an exceptionally well known market held each Wednesday. You can get all that like garments and home stylistic theme to Indian flavors and instruments inside one bunch.
  • The Anjuna Flea Market: It is an exceptionally well known market held each Wednesday. You can get all that like garments and home stylistic theme to Indian flavors and instruments inside one bunch.
  • Tibetan Market on Baga Road: It is open from October to May. You can purchase different adornments, petitioning heaven banners, ringers, tolls and furniture.

How To Reach Agonda Beach:

Agonda Ocean side is 69 KM from Panaji Kadamba Transport stand. You can get a transport from that point to the ocean side, or on the other hand in the event that you have somewhat more baggage, you ought to enlist a taxi. The course follows the NH66 in the event that you wish to head to the ocean side all alone.

Agonda Ocean side from Goa International Air terminal:
The distance between Agonda Ocean side and Goa Global Air terminal is 62.7 KM. You can recruit a taxi from the air terminal on the off chance that you have baggage and wish to save time. Be that as it may, to save a few bucks then it is exceptionally recommended to get a nearby transport to Vasco and switch the transport going towards the Agonda Ocean side.


Best Time To Visit Agonda Beach:

The best time to visit Agonda Ocean side is from November to Spring. The group is at its top in December and January so in the event that you wish to skirt the gathering, come either previously or after December and January.
Summer Season: Walk to May and October are the mid year long stretches of Goa. These months get incredibly hot with temperature contacting 40s. It is almost difficult to partake in the open air exercises when the sun is transmitting this quite a bit of intensity straight on your head.

Rainstorm Season: May to September are the blustery long stretches of Goa. Albeit the temperature is exceptionally charming in nowadays however venturing out to the state is certainly not a brilliant move. One can not appreciate water sports in these months and downpour will increment mugginess which will endure till October.

Winter Season: November to Spring are positively the greatest months to go to Goa. This is the point at which the day to day temperatures are co-usable and water sports are on its pinnacle. You can partake in each recreation in Goa during these months.

Agonda Beach

Places to Visit Near Agonda Beach:

  • Palolem Beach: It is an intriguing white sand ocean side edging quiet waters of the Bedouin Ocean. The vast majority of the sightseers are drawn in towards its nightlife which has a widely popular ‘Quiet Disco’.
  • Mobor Beach: It is incredibly perfect and clean ocean side, which is exceptionally less swarmed. It doesn’t have many shacks yet the smoothness encompassing this ocean side is extremely alluring. Individuals come here to observe the sun putting down into the glorious Middle Eastern ocean, making the sky orange.
  • Rock Formations: This spot is least visited by vacationers, consequently giving you a tranquil and quiet shore to unwind. It is special with growing stone arrangements where you can invest some energy alone.
  • Cabo De Rama Fort: The stronghold is an astounding illustration of Portuguese engineering in Goa. Despite the fact that it is totally destroyed now, the level gives an exquisite perspective on the Bedouin ocean contacting the white sand encompassed by bunches of coconut and palm tree.
  • Chapoli Dam: Chapoli Dam is a slick ‘representation of quietness’ which has quiet waters of the lake having sweet waters. The lake is encircled by little slopes giving the entire picture an otherworldly view. You can likewise go fishing here.

Travellers’ Tips before visiting Agonda Beach:

  • On the off chance that you are visiting during the pinnacle season, then it is prudent to book your visit ahead of time to keep away from object. It is recommended to remain at an ocean side cottage.
  • Evenings at the ocean side expects you to bring a spotlight and mosquito repellent.
  • A sweater is an unquestionable requirement in the event that you wish to remain outside late till night.
  • Eat food at better places to take a stab at new preferences and assortment, which will try and assist you with limiting your use.
  • Lease a bicycle or bike or utilize neighborhood transport to wander around the state or probably the taxis are the best way to drive, which are incredibly costly.
  • Have a go at imparting your taxi to different travelers so all of you can remove a few costs as taxis are the best way to drive and they are pricey.

10. Colva Beach: South Goa, India

It is quite possibly of the most well known ocean side in South Goa and draws in a great deal of Indian guests. The ocean side is an optimal objective to partake in a scope of exercises from sunbathing, water sports to other relaxation exercises. Experience cracks especially run here to get the adrenaline rush with experience sports. You can track down many shacks here offering road food and beverages to satisfy your appetite and its one of the most mind-blowing spots to visit in South Goa in 1 day.

Colva Beach

Colva Beach Overview:

Lying on the shores of a curious seaside town in Goa, Colva ocean side is a genuinely radiant place to get-away for all travelers. It extends for a great 2.4 km and elements striking white sand, turquoise waves, and transcending coconut palms. Vacationers from around the world regular the Colva ocean side for sights of shocking dusks and surprising blue waves.

As you track the ocean side, you will observer eccentric cottages and lodgings up and down the shores. The Portuguese effect on this area has been huge since the 1600s when the rich English and Portuguese considered Colva Ocean side as a superb holiday destination.

You will likewise find various ocean side shacks, lodgings, and little shops around the ocean alongside a few remains of old Portuguese estates and houses. You can take on a large group of water and ocean side games on the Colva ocean side while relaxing under the sun and partaking in the wonderful ocean breeze. The Colva Church, likewise called Igreja de Nossa Senhora das Mercês, loans strict importance to the ocean side.

Points Of Interest for Colva Beach:

Nightlife at Colva Beach

Nightlife at Colva Beach

  • Club Margarita-A trendy nightclub located just a little away from Colva Beach, Margarita features terrific music, a lively ambiance, and a large variety of drinks and cocktails.
  • Boomerang Bar-The boomerang Ocean side Bar is a peculiar beachside bar and bar known for a dynamic air and astonishing mixed drinks. Have a little taste of their brand name drinks for a fantastic encounter.
  • Club Sunshine-Club Daylight Broadly utilized as a wedding setting, club Daylight is one of the most preferred beachside home bases of Colva. Attempt their small canapés on the off chance that you wish to partake in Goa’s nightlife at its best.
  • Wendy’s Fire-Wendy’s Wendy’s Fire is an in vogue café and bar situated close to Colva Ocean side. Here, you can appreciate both interesting and nonexclusive beverages and a few mainland dishes too.

How To Reach Colva Beach:

From Panjim:
Colva Ocean side lies around 27 kilometers from Panjim. You can either drive or take a taxi to arrive at Colva ocean side from Panji. Estimated driving time between the two spots is something like 40 minutes, and it is the most helpful method for going among Panaji and Colva.

From Goa International Air terminal:
To arrive at Colva Ocean side from the Goa Worldwide air terminal, you can either take a taxi, Towncar or drive a vehicle rental. The surmised distance and driving time are 23 km and 30 minutes, individually. Traffic conditions can expand your driving term.

Best Time To Visit Colva Beach:

Since Colva is a beach front region, the weather conditions is moderate throughout the year. Be that as it may, most sightseers favor October to Spring to visit this ocean side, making it particularly swarmed during these months. You can decide to visit during these months assuming you need a rest from the chilly climate that grasps the majority of India as of now.

Normal temperatures range from 20 degrees (least) to 30 degrees (most elevated) from October to Spring, making it even more agreeable. Visit during the nights to get beautiful dusks or perspectives on transient birds.

Colva Beach

Traveler’s Tips for Visiting Colva Beach:

  • More often than not overall around the year, Colva ocean side is extremely packed. To genuinely partake in your time at the ocean side, you should head towards it during the early evening and remain till late around evening time. Attempt to find a detached spot that provides you with the ideal perspective on the sunset.
  • Continuously convey sunscreen and caps with you. The sun can be really fierce during most days, and you won’t have any desire to disturb your skin with a horrendous sun related burn.
  • Wear cotton garments that can be dried rapidly. Getting wet while visiting the beach is incomprehensible not. Being in weighty pieces of clothing that don’t dry rapidly can demonstrate awkward to you.
  • Attempt to go as light as possible. While swimming or appreciating water sports, you won’t need to stress over putting away your things.
  • Remember to convey with you a decent camera or a cell phone. You will need to catch the lovely sights of the ocean side.


All in all, Goa remains as a charming sanctuary for honeymooners, offering an agreeable combination of normal excellence, social lavishness, and heartfelt charm. Its sun-kissed sea shores give the material to romantic tales to unfurl, with every sandy shore having its own exceptional appeal and feel. From the quiet closeness of Palolem to the stunning vistas of Vagator, couples are encompassed in an air of unadulterated sentiment.

In the hug of Goa’s excellence and culture, a special first night unfurls as a section of adoration, promising to be a loved starting to a long period of fellowship. In the midst of the murmurs of the waves and the stirring palm trees, Goa offers the commitment of sentiment, experience, and association – making it an immortal and charming objective for couples setting out on the delighted excursion of marriage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Why is Goa a popular destination for honeymooners?

A. Goa’s charm lies in its lovely sea shores, energetic culture, heartfelt dusks, and a blend of experience and unwinding. It offers a different scope of encounters that take care of various inclinations, making it an ideal objective for couples looking for a vital special first night.

Q2. Which are the most romantic beaches in Goa?

A.Probably the most heartfelt sea shores in Goa incorporate Palolem Ocean side for its separated feel, Vagator Ocean side for its shocking precipices and nightfalls, and Agonda Ocean side for its peacefulness and normal magnificence.

Q3. What are the best times to visit Goa for a honeymoon?

A.The best times to visit Goa are throughout the cold weather a long time from November to February when the weather conditions is lovely and helpful for ocean side exercises and touring.

Q4. What are some romantic activities to do in Goa?

A.Heartfelt exercises in Goa incorporate beachside candlelit meals, watching nightfalls from picturesque perspectives, taking a heartfelt journey, investigating old temples and basilicas, and enjoying couples’ spa medicines.

Q5. What types of accommodations are available for honeymooners in Goa?

A.Goa offers a scope of facilities for honeymooners, including extravagance resorts, shop lodgings, ocean front estates, and comfortable guesthouses. A large number of these give private ocean side access, spa offices, and different conveniences taking care of couples.

Q6. Are there adventure activities for honeymooners in Goa?

A.Totally. Honeymooners can appreciate exercises like parasailing, fly skiing, traveling in the hinterlands, and taking grand waterway travels.

Q7. What is the nightlife like in Goa for honeymooners?

A.Goa’s nightlife is energetic and various, with ocean side clubs, clubs, unrecorded music settings, and ocean side gatherings. It offers couples an opportunity to move, appreciate live diversion, and offer critical minutes under the stars.

Q8. How can couples experience the local culture in Goa?

A.Couples can encounter the nearby culture by investigating energetic business sectors like the Anjuna Swap meet, visiting noteworthy destinations like the Basilica of Bom Jesus, and attempting genuine Goan food at beachside shacks and neighborhood diners.

Q9. Are there secluded spots for privacy-seeking honeymooners?

A.Indeed, there are less packed and confined sea shores in Goa, for example, Butterfly Ocean side and Kakolem Ocean side, where honeymooners can partake in security and calm minutes together.

Q10. How can I capture the memories of my honeymoon in Goa?

A.You can catch your wedding trip recollections in Goa through photos, journaling, and in any event, choosing proficient photoshoots at grand areas.

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